Weekly Class Schedule

New Member Package

3 classes                  $40

Single Class             $22

5 Class pkg              $95

10 Class pkg           $170

20 Class pkg           $300

​Private Lesson         $75

 Sunday            9-10:30 am  Yoga 1               

Monday            5:45 -7:15 pm   Yoga 2

                         7:30 - 9:00  Yoga 1.5        

Wednesday      6:15 -7:15 pm   Chair Yoga

                        7:30 - 8:30 pm   Gentle Yoga

Thursday          9:00-10:30 am  Yoga 1                                      7:30 - 9:00 pm  Yoga 1             

       ​​Yoga Classes​                Meditation

       Pranayama                    Restorative Yoga

       Sound Healing and Meditation

       ​Private Lessons             Chair Yoga

       Tibetan Bowls                Yoga Flow

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Preparation for all classes

· -  For the comfort of everyone, please do not wear any fragrances to class.
  - Please turn off your phone before the start of class
· - Please arrive 5-10 minutes early.
· - Come to class with an empty stomach or at least 1 hour after a light meal.
· - Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing.
· - Please advise your teacher before class if you have any injuries or health problems, or if you         are pregnant.
  - Please remove shoes and socks before entering the studio. 



"I felt relaxed and safe in the class so I was able to practice yoga at my own pace"        12/8/14

"Poses were well chosen to offer enough variety and challenge.  Explanations were complete and well articulated. Adjustments for individual size and capabilities were carefully made and sincerely appreciated. Thanks."    11/17/14

​"I had a blast. I never thought I would be one for yoga....but I fell in love tonight"       11/10/14


Classes at keter yoga

Yoga 1- This class is appropriate for beginning students and those who are learning to deepen their practice. Basic yoga postures, and proper alignment are taught along with breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation.

​Gentle Yoga - A more gentle approach to yoga in a 1 hour class. 

Yoga 1.5 - In Yoga 1.5 the poses are taught in a more in depth manner with a faster pace. Basic knowledge of the beginning poses is necessary.  Pranayama is introduced. Permission is needed from Jacki to attend this class.

Yoga 2- In Yoga 2 level 2 poses are introduced. Knowledge of the names and execution of beginning poses  is necessary. Permission is needed from Jacki to attend this class.

Chair Yoga - Chair Yoga is for any student that can not easily get onto the floor and back up to standing. All the beginning postures will be covered with the help of props and chairs.