Flow Into Bliss Yoga and Crystal Chakra Singing Bowl Meditation Workshop

presented by Jacki Routhenstein M.A. RYT-200 and Randi Elkin B.A. CRMT

This workshop takes you through a 3-step process, which will leave you in in a satisfied relaxed state of bliss. The first 30 min segment is a series of yoga postures activating the heart and body, then for the next 30 min you will experience a restorative yoga practice with crystal chakra bowl accompaniment. In the last 30 minutes you will be relaxed in savasana meditating to the sound of the crystal bowls. The crystal chakra bowls are vibrational medicine for the mind, body and soul. They have the power to bring about a positive shift in the awareness of the ever-expanding consciousness, and realign the chakras (energy centers) in the body. This workshop is jointly led by Jacki Routhenstein, MA, RYT-200 and Randi Elkin BA, CRMT. 

​Randi Elkin has taken integrated healing to a higher level. An educator by trade, Randi is a certified Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner of both Usui and Intentional Reiki. She also practices the modalities of EFT, Craniosacral Therapy, Native American Healing, Access Bars and Guided Meditation.  Randi can be reached at

Online pre-registration is required or by calling 973-951-6617. Limited Space available. 

Workshop Price $36.00

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